Fitness In Lockdown

When Covid-19 hit back in March 2020 fitness lovers world-wide were forced to reconsider their daily routine. From gyms closing to classes being cancelled, the fitness industry quickly shifted its presence online. We joined our local gyms, Personal Trainers and influencers across all social platforms to make fitness accessible from our kitchens, living rooms & garages. Blessed with a couple of sunny summer months 5k runs, walks & swims became the norm in most households.

This fast adaption of behaviour transformed our lives so quickly that we didn’t have time to consider our platform. In dramatic impulse we bought dumbbells, squat racks and many other essential equipment but yet preformed this on towels, carpets and any mat available. This is when Repose Living was born.

Our brand born out of lockdown became a hot topic across the UK & Ireland. Eco-friendly fitness mats in neutral shades to compliment almost any home colour scheme. To support the nation in their quest to achieve their fitness goals from home, we began our mission to provide the upmost quality and style to motivate the public and make movement accessible for all ages, abilities and interests.

The research suggests, “that despite challenges to an active lifestyle, the Covid-19 lockdown may have led to increases in population-level interest in and engagement with physical activity”. At a time when the world stood still we were graced with time. Time to reconsider our actions within our routine, how we managed our time and how to use our furlough breaks and lunch hours to our advantage.

The media took a huge interest into the fitness industry and the importance in health and wellbeing to allocate 1 hour per day for essential exercise in hope to encourage outside movement as “essential”. The findings by Sport England, where, “62% of adults considered that being active is more important now than pre Covid-19” with more than half of those reported being encouraged by the governments guidelines.

This huge social trend to stay active and engage in live workouts made the fitness industry boom with fashion brands hosting influences for daily workouts, fitness clothing lines were created to support those participating in daily exercise and children participating in Joe Wicks daily PE sessions alongside their parents in a bid to create a sense of normality as their education facilities had also been postponed.

Exercise is more than a health or beauty trend, but a vital factor of our mental wellbeing. Gyms fulfilled a social role within our communities and the interaction with members was and is greatly missed. In-between lockdowns it is only understandable that given the opportunity to recapture the vital social, human contact we revisited the gym not only for exercise but the integral community spirit lost throughout this pandemic.

In preparation for lockdown 5.0 or have we lost count.. The Repose Team want to reinstate the benefits, importance and acceptance of movement in your daily routine and hope to bring you excitement and interaction within our products and our social channels. In the Winter months it can be so difficult to pull on your trainers on a frosty morning, roll out your mat on an icy tile or simply find that inner peace with the ever so changing lockdown environment.

Within the next few weeks we hope to welcome fitness professionals to our channel to make lockdown that little bit more enjoyable by facilitating workouts, conversations and feedback. We have many plans for 2021 but our main focus is ensuring your movement is a priority and when preforming movement you are completely supported by our products. Making that distinction from work and home is so difficult but by creating a comforting space to unwind, relax and release the stresses of daily life, we believe exercise will be the highlight of your day.

Find your method of fitness and join us in making 2021 the best year yet.

Love as always from the Repose Team

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