About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to make exercise accessible on your terms. From yoga to weightlifting, HIIT training, stretching and everything in-between. Make movement your priority and find a method that works best for you. Lockdown has taught us the benefits of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle and that exercise is crucial in our daily routine. With Repose equipment you can transform your life from the comfort of your own home and show off your achievements in luxurious unique styles 


Meet The Team

Hey! We are Mark & Harleigh founders of Repose. Across the last four years we have lost a combined total of 8 stone in weight! We have both been on extensive fitness journeys learning the insights to training and nutrition. Our personal journeys have led us to healthy sustainable lifestyles & attitudes. We both are extremely passionate about fitness in any way that works for you! Our motto is "Make Movement a Priority". We roll out our mats each morning and take part in weightlifting, HIIT training and yoga in combination with a flexible diet we have achieved everything we could ever dream of and we want you to join us in repose x